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#DISRUPTTEXTS: #DISRUPTTEXTS is an online resource created by teachers for teachers to challenge the traditional canon in order to create a more inclusive, representative, and equitable language arts curriculum. One of the core missions of this online resource is to aid and develop teachers committed to anti-racist/anti-bias teaching pedagogy and practices.
National Humanities Alliance: The National Humanities Alliance  (NHA) is a nationwide coalition of organizations advocating for the humanities on campuses, in communities, and on Capitol Hill. NHA aims to cultivate support for federal funding for the humanities, promote the public value of the humanities, and promote the value of studying the humanities.
Poetry Inside Out – Center for the Art of Translation: Poetry Inside Out is a collaborative and cross-cultural language arts curriculum that emphasizes classroom diversity, builds literacy skills, improves critical thinking, and unlocks creativity by teaching students to translate great poetry from around the world.
Save the Last Word for Me – Theteachertoolkit: Save the Last Word for Me is a teaching strategy in which teachers facilitate conversations with their students that elicit diverse readings and interpretations of a text in order to create thoughtful readers.